We are affiliated with amazing TTRPG Content Creators who stream or make videos about D10 systems such as Vampire the Masquerade, Exalted or Changelling.

You may see our dice in their streams or their videos, if you're interested, give them a try!

RPG Clinic

For over five years, Storyteller Jon Verrall and players Kate, Scott, and Elizabeth have been livestreaming tabletop roleplaying games on Twitch.

With an emphasis on storytelling and audience interaction, they currently run two weekly streams:

- Sundays, 18:00 Eastern Time they play their current campaign, Blades in the Dark.

- Thursdays, 17:00 Eastern Time they stream Clinic Hours, a talk show dedicated to discussing how to maximize your roleplaying games.

Their Twitch Channel


Rina is a Storyteller from Red Centre by Night, a Vampire: The Masquerade/Hunter game set in the Heart of Australia. Playing TTRPGs since 2011, she's been a veteran with several tabletop games but only started doing live plays/actual plays back in 2019.

Her Twitch Channel


Ekorren means The Squirrel in Swedish and has been the online alias of Swedish social worker, therapist, and RPG writer Henrik J for many years.

Henrik has been making his own games and worlds since he first discovered roleplaying at eight years old, and he has contributed as a freelance writer to Onyx Path Publishing games since 2018, having worked on books such as Heirs to the Shogunate, Across the Eight Directions, Many-Faced Strangers, and Exigents.

Go to His Website