About Us

Who are we?

We are Enifael & Aedamori, two TTRPG lovers who mainly play White Wolf games (currently playing a Solar Exalted campaign, a Dragon Blood campaign and a VtM one!)

Aedamori is the guy always shouting at me to put my respirator on! He runs our TikTok (@AedamoriRPG) and handles a lot of the day-to-day dice making. His favourite dice are 24 Carat Black and Mysterious Dream!

I, Enifael, am a shy, calm, dreamy artist who loves crafty projects. I'm the one who started this dice rabbit hole and I've been making dice for more than a year. My favourite dice are the Mermaid, Unicorn, Blood, and Flower ones! You can mainly find me @EnifaelArt on Twitter.

Why D10s?

After a few years of playing D10 systems, we wanted to buy ourselves some shiny dice but quickly realized that there were barely any cool ones out there (unless you want to buy 5 full sets of D&D dice just for the D10s and never use the rest of the dice), so I made my own, the original flower D10s, and that’s how the dice rabbit hole started!

There was a lot of social media interest in my flower D10s even back when they were just 10 dice for my Wood Aspect Elfie. Never one to miss an opportunity to get crafty, I threw myself into making dice designs and 100s of prototypes later I’d pulled together a little D10 Kickstarter late in 2021.

Much to my surprise, the project went over 1,000% funded! I had to bring in Aedamori full time to deal with all the orders and the first half of 2022 was spent shipping the Kickstarter. The feedback we got from our backers was truly wonderful, so we spent the rest of the year launching this store!

Now with over 1,000 D10s sold, we’re thinking about what comes next. More D10 designs for sure! Other TTRPG accessories? Other niche dice? Another Kickstarter? Commissions? Well, these are all things we’re thinking about for 2023!